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Karol J. Fodor

Karol graduated from Sir George Williams College of Art in Montreal. His interest in design and architecture influenced his work in his early years and continues to be displayed prominently in his art.

His fascination with light and reflections of colours on objects creates a unique expressionistic world that continues to satisfy his artistic desires.

His expressive use of vivid complementary colours, using transparent layers & glazes, evokes interest in his work and appreciation by the viewer. Karol makes his home in Calgary, where he continues to create art that reflects his passion for abstract and semi real work.

Mode 5
Enchanted 2
Mojo 2
Solaris 4
Mode 6
Retake 22
Retake 1
Mode 4
Mode 3
Tango 2
Retake 3
Solaris 3
Enchanted 1
Solaris 5
Mosaic 4
Mosaic 1
Mosaic 2
Mosaic 3
Laura 4

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